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ESCLUSIVA, the quintessential tailored shirt that tells the story of Finamore 1925

by Kiara Vitale 12 Dec 2023

ESCLUSIVA, a Finamore 1925 shirt that tells one hundred years of Neapolitan sartorial history and art

Among the many lines of our shirts, some of them we have decided to call "ICONICA" because they are the highest expression of our handcrafted productions and distinguish us all over the world, making the Finamore 1925 brand easily recognizable, which, for almost one hundred years, has been synonymous with high quality and Neapolitan sartorial excellence.
Among these productions is the "ESCLUSIVA" shirt, the ultimate expression of the iconic lines, a sartorial shirt for true connoisseurs. As many as twelve completely handmade steps to make it and one of the most luxurious and precious fabrics in terms of softness, durability and density, Sea Island 170/2 cotton.
A fabric produced in a limited series, just like the number of "ESCLUSIVA" shirts produced in limited numbers each year to ensure attention, attention to detail and high quality on every single garment. A shirt that absolutely cannot be missed in the closet of those who love to wear the sartorial shirt par excellence.

Details that make a difference

Curiosity: What makes Sae Island cotton special.

To tell the story of this shirt, we start with the fabric from which it is made. We use only and exclusively fabrics made from the luxurious Sea Island 170 a Due cotton. This very precious cotton is produced mainly in Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica, areas that constitute a true climatic paradise, with alternating dry and rainy seasons and a constant and fairly high humidity rate throughout the year, this favors an even ripening of the cotton plants and consequently a much higher quality. A unique yarn, also because of its characteristics, the remarkable fiber length, high strength, high uniformity, and again, very fine fibers and a very high luster. Sea Island cotton really deserves the record as the most luxurious and sought-after yarn also because of its production quantities. About 130 bales are obtained each year, a very limited production that makes this cotton among the most exclusive in the world.

Some processing steps: "Travetto" embroidery - Cuff stitching - Splint holder application - Shoulder stitching

How an ESCLUSIVA Finamore 1925 Shirt is Born.

Sartorial elegance and extreme comfort are the first points by which the Esclusiva stands out when worn, but there are other details, too, that make this tailored shirt a true top of the line Finamore 1925 production. As many as twelve steps are in fact performed entirely by hand by seamstresses and embroiderers in the making of this handcrafted shirt: the stitching of the collar, the application of the buttons with the classic lily stitching, the embroidered buttonholes, the stitching of the sleeve, the stitching of the shoulders, the "travetto" on the mock sleeve, the application of the mouches on the lower part of the shirt with Finamore 1925 logo 'F' detail, the hem, the stitching of the cuffs, the stitching of the sides, the stitching of the front, the batten holder. A virtually perfect garment that will win over lovers of the classic shirt, and satisfy the most demanding as it preserves all the art of the Neapolitan tailored shirt. All these processes of workmanship are the reason why the Iconica Esclusiva shirt is produced in limited series or at the direct request of customers who can also make it to measure.