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Dress shirt Napoli 170 a due low collar pink stripe Zante Finamore 1925

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Dress shirt Napoli 170 a due low collar pink stripe Zante Finamore 1925

  • Fit: Classic Regular
  • Sleeve: Armhole with the tipical Neapolitan "pleats"
  • Collar:Zante collar low 2,5 cm front  L soft lining
  • Cuff: round
  • Button: mother of pearl Australia Finamore logo
  • Fabric: 100%cotton 
  • Finamore 1925 dress shirt long sleeve

Yarn count 170 two-ply synonym of luxury,quality and excellence.

This very fine yarn count,obtained from pure Giza 45

Finamore 1925  dress shirt long sleeve,  double twisted cotton.

Armhole with the tipical Neapolitan "pleats"

Spread collar , 5 mm stitching, medium stiff  lining, removable bones, round cuff.

Mother of Pearl buttons.

Collar: Zante  L

100% cotton

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Dress shirtDress shirt Napoli 170 a due  low collar pink stripe check Zante Finamore 1925

Yarn count 170 two-ply synonym of luxury, quality and excellence.

This very fine yarn count, obtained from pure Giza 45 Egiptian cotton with an extra-long and thin staple, enriches fabric with a soft hand feel and unique brightness

This is how refined shirts are shaped, light and pleasant to wear in every season .

Napoli  is our classic shirt.

It is hand-stitched, hand made  an excellent dress shirt Neapolitan tradition 

Armhole with the Neapolitan "pleats.

There are seven passages hand made :

Hand-stitched collar, shoulder, armhole, removable bones, button hole, button,  mouche.

Australia mother-of-pearl buttons with silkscreen Finamore logo attached with the typical lily stitching ". Hand-embroidered buttonhole gives a touch of class: the fourth hand-stitched shoulder determines the typical sheathing that allows the shirt to sit perfectly on the shoulder. that together with the handmade armhole allows maximum wearability and freedom of movement. Same operation as for the outerwear. The joist is made on the slit of the sleeve and is  a point that reinforces the opening made with the thread stitch.

Spread collar, 5 mm stitching, soft lining, removable bones,  round cuff.

Mother of pearl buttons .

Collar:Zante L

100% cotton

Napoli170/2 840834 A1015 03

Data sheet

Shirt fit
Shirt models
170-2 Cotton Giza Fabric
100% cotton
Collar model
Low spread: Zante
The hand stitched collar (with inserted fabric) makes the shirt smooth and tension free. The smoothness makes the collar fit and adjusts more easily to the man wearing it.
Sleeve with the special “pleating” that gives the shoulder a more fit and grater movement
Cuff rounded, soft inside, attaching the button slightly shifted up to make room for the clock
Quarto spalla
The standard yoke is obtained by hand stitching the shoulder flanges. This allows the shirt to fit perfectly on the shoulders
A real work of art which contributes to creating the concept of perfect wear. The hand embroidery makes buttoning easier

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