Shirt classic slim fit striped twill Milano Finamore 1925

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Shirt classic slim fit striped twill Milano Finamore 1925

  • Classic slim shirt fit
  • Perfect shirt for dress, under jacket and for leisure time.
  • French collar, 3 mm stitching, Simone model.
  • Seven passages by hand.
  • Regular interior.
  • Removable splint.
  • Round wrist.
  • Mother-of-pearl button with finamore logo.
  • Fabric: 60% cotton 30% linen.

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Shirt classic slim fit striped twill Milano Finamore 1925

Milano is our classic slim fit shirt.

It is hand-sewn, and it is an excellent fusion between tradition and modernity.

There are seven hand-passages:

  1. Collar
  2. Shoulder flanges
  3. Armhole
  4. Joists
  5. Buttonholes
  6. Buttons
  7. Mouche

The Australia mother-of-pearl buttons with the Finamore logo in silkscreen are sewn with the typical lily stitching.

Hand embroidered buttonhole gives a touch of class.

The hand-sewn fourth shoulder determines the typical sheer that allows the shirt to sit perfectly on the shoulder, which together with the hand-made armholes allows maximum wearability and freedom of movement, reinforces and stops the opening of the sleeve made by skilled embroiderers.

The fabric used is of prestige with a fine title that gives the shirt an exclusive style.

Milano 060198 P1067.06

Data sheet

Shirt fit
Shirt models
Milano slim fit
Twill fabric
Collar model
Spread: Simone
Burrel cuff
Buttons Australian mother of pearl with logo Finamore
The reinforcing mouche (a small triangular piece of cloth joining the shirt’s front and back panels) is applied to the sides of the shirt to ensure a good hold . In addition it embellishes the piece giving it a delicate touch of class.

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