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Shirt slim fit green linen striped sport Seattle Finamore 1925

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Shirt slim fit green linen striped sport Seattle Finamore 1925

  • Sport shirt long sleeve fit.
  • Natural Australian mother of pearl button.
  • Lightweight removable inner splint.
  • Round wrist.
  • Fabric: 100% linen.
  • Collar: Zante model.

The Seattle shirt has the same model as the Milano shirt.

It is a washed shirt, so it can be subject to shrinkage. The size scale may vary. It is recommended to choose a larger size.

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Shirt slim fit green linen striped sport Seattle Finamore 1925

Shirt Finamore Seattle is our contemporary classic shirt and the fit is slim. 

It is unique because of  exclusive trendy fabrics, jeans, prints, jacquard, madras, all rigorously washed, with soft collars and remouvable bones.

Today it matches more and more with formal dresses.

Everything becomes an icon of style and elegance.

It is sewn by hand, hand passages are seven.

  1. Collar.
  2. Shoulder.
  3. Armhole.
  4. Button.
  5. Buttonhole.
  6. Mouche.
  7. Joist.

Mother of pearl Australia buttons sewn with the typical lily stitching.

Hand-embroidery gives a touch of class. The hand-stitched armhole allows confortable fitting and freedom in movements. The joist is hand stitched by expert embroiderers.

Soft spread collar, 3 mm stitching, not fused lining, removable bones, rounf cuffs.
Mother of pearl buttons.

Collar: model Zante.

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Seattle 240033 P1050.04

Data sheet

Shirt fit
Slim fit Sport
Shirt models
Linen fabric
100% linen
Collar model
Low spread: Zante
Burrel cuff
Buttons Australian mother of pearl with logo Finamore
The reinforcing mouche (a small triangular piece of cloth joining the shirt’s front and back panels) is applied to the sides of the shirt to ensure a good hold . In addition it embellishes the piece giving it a delicate touch of class.

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