Travel outfit: what to put in the suitcase

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Everything that should not be missing in the suitcase of a business traveler.

Everyone knows how to dress in the office to be adapted to their working environment and be in line with their style, but how many know the perfect travel look for a businessman engaged in a business trip? With our guide you will have all the ideas to prepare your suitcase with the right work outfit for your days out of town! With the resumption of the daily routine the work commitments have started to overwhelm everyone, and the business trips are more and more frequent. Finding the right look to look impeccable even in these situations we know how difficult, but it is essential not to neglect even the smallest detail to maintain the elegance that distinguishes a real gentleman. So, in addition to knowing how to compose the perfect suitcase you also need to know how to dress to travel with style.

How to dress for a business trip

The businessman, when he thinks about what to bring for a business trip does not stray much from the outfits chosen daily, but only some gentlemen know that travel clothing in addition to being elegant and quality must be a comfortable clothing to travel. But be careful, this does not mean paying little attention to style and justifying combinations and risky choices. It means opting for elegance and style that meet the standards of versatility, breathability and fit. Here is a short list of things to bring in your suitcase:

  • Travel jacket: inevitable as a outerwear that gives charm and elegance. Choose it in neutral tones so you won’t have problems matching.
  • Sartorial shirt: among the travel clothes there is a Finamore 1925 tailored shirt. It has a different and unique fit. Wearing it during the most important meeting of the congress will guarantee you a guaranteed success. Moreover, just by virtue of the concept of comfortable wearability, the tailored shirt is inevitable for your business trip.
  • Solid color suit: it is the right dress for every occasion, especially when you have not yet clear the agenda of the commitments that await you for this business trip. Putting one in your suitcase is like having a winning passepartout ready to use. Also opt for broken if the environment is not particularly formal and you can play with creativity and fantasy.
  • Accessories: complete every outfit and embellish even the simplest look. In the suitcase it is enough, but be careful that they are the right ones. They will help you not to go unnoticed and give you confidence.

Which accessories to pack

When you’re going on a business trip it’s always right not to overdo things to bring, to avoid excessive volumes and focus only on what you’re going to do. At the same time it is important that everything you need is ready. You can not, in this regard, think of having the right travel outfit without having the right accessories! But what are the accessories to pack for a business trip? The secret is not to exaggerate but to aim at essentiality.


No businessman would ever think of going on a business trip without his own set of ties. If the dress can be the same, in fact, the tie is better to vary it. It is the male accessory par excellence. What is able to give a new look to a look seen and revised. It allows you to express your personality and focuses attention. Choose at least three: opt for both a patterned pattern and a solid color pattern, so you can wear the most suitable one according to the dress code and clothing.

Pocket handkerchief

Thinking of a travel look does not just mean focusing on comfortable and versatile suits. It means having clear the goal of the business trip and try to make it through the outfit. A businessman, in fact, is winning starting from the suit he wears and the clutch can be a great ally to achieve this goal. The pocket handkerchief, a bit like the tie, embellishes every look, and even alone it manages to give a real boost to an entire suit. Choose the patterns and fabrics most suitable for both the season and the colors of the clothes you will wear. Remember, you don’t have to match it to your tie unless you want to be mundane. Tip mostly to recall the color of the shirt or socks and you will be impeccable!

Document holder

If the tie is the emblem of masculine elegance, the briefcase is the emblem of the business man’s elegance. Showing off a tailored document holder means focusing on details and positively hitting the interlocutor. In addition, this accessory will make the trip quieter, as everything will be well guarded and business goals will only be won over. In conclusion, choosing the right travel dress does not only mean pointing to that elegance that distinguishes a real gentleman, but also pointing to a choice of quality typical of Made in Italy and typical of the sartorial art. And what are you packing for your next business trip?


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