Seven fold tie: the Neapolitan sartorial jewel

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The seven fold tie, with its special manufacture, is the must-have for every gentleman.

The seven fold tie is not a normal tie. It is emblematically the care for the details of the Neapolitan tailoring. When we talk about Neapolitan tailoring every real gentleman knows that we do not refer to tailoring in general. The attention that the latter pays to the details is great, and the tie is one of those accessories on which his style is particularly expressed. The tie, in fact, embellishes every look and gives prominence and completeness to all outfits. It is a real concentration of charm and personality that envelops the neck with mastery. Wearing it with savoir-faire is essential to allow it to express all its sartorial power, as well as to best express yourself. The knots with which the ties are stopped, are small details fundamental to express one style rather than another and to be adapted to one context rather than another. The sartorial maisons have made this accessory the fundamental element through which to express their inspiration, taking up an ancient and typical history of the places where they were born. Ties aren’t all the same, though. They tell a story and give the wearer certain style characteristics, making this accessory a true emblem of elegance. So, if the Neapolitan tie is known for the particular details that make it famous, the seven folds tie comes from a particular and ancient history, which have made it the most loved and the most valuable. Folds, refined fabrics and characteristic patterns make Neapolitan ties the must-have of every lover of tailoring. But how is the seven fold tie made? And why has it become a sartorial jewel?

How the seven fold tie was born

The seven fold tie was born in the late 19th century, and it was only in the 1920s that it became a distinctive symbol of high society. An excessively laborious accessory, however beautiful, this tie quickly declines, ending in oblivion until the period of World War II, thanks to the massive use of silk for the production of war parachutes. And it is from this moment that the seven fold ties begin to increase their fame and become an important element of style to wear. Naples is the city where this tie acquires all the characteristics that still today make it famous all over the world.

Features of the seven fold tie

The story of the seven fold tie is beautiful and fascinating. But what are the characteristics of this small strip of silk famous all over the world? This tie is an extraordinary concentration of sartorial mastery and craftsmanship, as well as study and passion. Its tailoring process is long and complex, different from that of a classic tie. This is what makes it particularly valuable. In fact, after the fabric has been cut, it is folded seven times on itself, to create volume and structure. It is in fact a layered tie that also leads to the realization of a thicker and stiffer knot. The fold of the ties is a typical feature of the production of this accessory: the more folds there are the more the tie is precious and precious, because the craftsmanship and manufacture are longer and more detailed. The large volume of fabric used, sometimes, makes it uncomfortable, but if the Neapolitan tradition has made it more structured, has also made it so that it was softer and less rigid, making it a pleasure to wear it. And it is Finamore 1925 that makes this Neapolitan tie the indispensable accessory for every gentleman.

The seven folds tie Finamore 1925

The seven fold Neapolitan is a symbol of elegance all over the world, an iconic accessory inevitable in the male wardrobe, especially to complete with perfection and class an outfit with suit and tie. Every sartorial maison has its secret, a special detail that makes this tie unique and recognizable craftsmanship. But what makes the seven pleated tie Finamore 1925 an emblem of class and elegance? Everything starts from the choice of fabric: pure silk makes this accessory a real jewel not only to wear, but also to look and touch. To the touch is in fact smooth and delicate, but at the same time heavy and double, consistent, a tie that feels and that just sways when you move. Since it is more double and structured, Finamore 1925 offers unlined, so as to make it more comfortable and comfortable, while maintaining all the features that make it unexceptionable the seal and the way to fall under the jacket. This sartorial jewel of pure silk has a blade 5.5 cm wide and is made only with fine silk. The touch of this fabric is felt, as the knot has less resistance and slips more easily. Therefore, it can be knotted with a thinner knot, so it can be perfect even with a smaller shirt collar. Finamore 1925 realizes the hand hem, as the Neapolitan sartorial tradition wants, to offer a higher quality product starting from the details. Choosing a seven fold tie means wearing elegance, choosing a seven fold Finamore 1925 means wearing excellence.


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