Men’s denim shirt: the style becomes casual

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Whether denim or pure denim, discover how to best wear the casual clothing par excellence!

Who said that quality and elegance cannot pass for denim?
The right combinations, in fact, make every outfit perfect, enhancing the wearer. This also applies to denim-colored shirts, which adapt to every style and look! Find out all the tips we have reserved for you in this article. When you buy a shirt, you always start from the assumption that the latter must be the lightest shades and series, so as to match perfectly and easily to each suit. Yet, often, this idea brings nothing but sad and old combinations, that do not highlight the strengths and that make us look gray and not at all attentive to the look. From today, with our style tips you will look forward to a young and fresh but at the same time serious and elegant outfit. Let’s find out together how to match and how to wear a denim shirt.

How to match men’s denim shirt

If you are wondering how to wear men’s denim shirt because you just don’t know how to integrate it into your outfits then you are in the right place. Trying to combine an elegant style with fabrics or colors other than stripes and classic blue can be an arduous task, but below you will find winning tips to complete your looks and finally be able to wear this garment without any difficulty in the workplace and in your free time!

At work: smart and refined style

If the dress code of your work environment does not require too many formalities, then don’t be afraid to wear your denim shirt. Combine it with soft colors such as beige, so as to highlight the characteristic color that distinguishes it. Cigarette pants will be fine. Among the accessories do not forget a leather belt and an unlined jacket. If instead you can not opt for a shirt in pure denim, then do not linger in the purchase of a cotton denim color. You find them in different shades. They give the same youthful look but are less sporty.

In your free time: casual and special style

If you like to dress well and take care of the smallest details, and you like the casual look that does not lead to the shabby fake then this shirt is for you. It is perfect to give a special and unique touch to any outfit, especially if it is a broken suit. Try wearing it with a suit, without tie and without clutch, with leather details. In case you want to impress, opt for colorful details. A fancy clutch will be perfect to catalyze the attention.

The 3 mistakes not to make when wearing a denim shirt

The denim shirt is definitely one of the most appreciated by men of all ages. It is versatile, comfortable, easy to match and is really good for everyone. Yet, there are some mistakes that are easy to make when you wear it and that are best avoided to enhance it to the best. Let’s see together what they are and how not to fall into it!

No to total look

It is mainly suitable for younger people and lends itself more to a holiday outfit. If you just can’t avoid it then embellish the look with the men’s accessories that you find here.

Never out of the pants

It is the golden rule of the gentleman, the one according to which the shirt must always be worn inside the pants. The denim shirt, in fact, lends itself very well to this style less "pinned", but if you’re trying to wear one without sacrificing your elegant touch then you can not be tempted.

No to maxi measures

Men’s slim fit denim shirt is the watchword! Do not give in to the temptation of extra sizes. In addition, the tie is only allowed if you wear the denim-colored shirt, never pure denim. It’s up to you.

So, what’s the next event where you’re gonna put our advice to work?


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