Man’s jacket: how to take care of it in 5 steps

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If you don’t know the secret for a perfect jacket this is the article for you.

If you are here it’s because, after taking off your jacket, you always wonder if there is a way to take care of it and find it as new for the next time. Man’s jacket, indeed, is the piece of clothing that hardly wrinkle if it is of good quality and it is made of the right material. But we often put it in the closet without thinking about the treatment it needs. Sometimes we fight against lint, unknown spots, expanded seamless and threads out of place. To solve these and other problems you have to read this article! You will find a complete guide to take care of your jacket and keep it as new.

Care of the jacket: unmissable advices for gentlemen

If jackets are your mark style, or simply your work dress code, these advices will be your salvation! Keep reading and discover the best advices to keep unaltered the quality of your beloved jacket. In the case of both classic jackets and blazers, you have to put the same attention if you want to preserve its status. There are some precautions to take. Let’s see them.

1. Empty your pockets

Everytime you wear a jacket you need to remember that you don't have to use your pockets as a little bag. This applies to elegant jackets where full pockets are unaesthetic, and it also applies to sport jackets where pockets can hold personal items easily. In this regard it is better to use a briefcase like the one of Finamore 1925, or an elegant man clutch, practical and useful. In addition, filling the pockets of your jacket could loosen the tissue and the seams. Our advice concerns also the fob that is the place of honour of the napkin. Choose a pocket emptier to store keys, wallet and everything you need.

2. Hang up your jacket

Whether you like it or not, the password here is precisely order! Never throw the jacket on the sofa and never hang it on the chair or hanger. The traditional hanger could churn out its neck, while the wild throw on the first available surface could wrinkle it. Therefore, the solution is the hanger. The classic crutch is the right accessory to correctly store the men’s jacket. Prefer it in wood, and if you really can better that it is padded: it will leave the jacket in shape and well ironed. Bring one also in the office and in the car. Better to prevent…

3. Don’t stay buttoned up

The jacket needs to be fastened, the buttons need to be inserted in the buttonholes, and this becomes categorical with the double-breasted jackets. But if you get up, remember to untie it! You will prevent the fabric from pulling and the loops from widening. Try to remember this also when you put your jacket on the crutch. Do not button it.

4. Pens and ink only in the case

It seems like one of those recommendations that you make to children when they start going to school, but trivial is not. Who for trade, who for habit, who for habit, often tends to carry a pen with him, putting it in the inside pocket and pulling it out at the right time with non-chalance. This gesture, however elegant and fine, can lead to an (alas) irreparable damage! So, if you don’t like spotted fabric, avoid staining your jacket with ink. It does not just mean having the care to verify that the pen is closed, but means to correctly store it in a special case or waterproof lining.

5. Learn to brush

Not just your hair, but your jacket too! Taking care of your jacket to see it last as long as possible means acting on everything, especially on the cleaning of the fabric. Cleaning not only means washing and sanitizing, but also checking that the fibers are in shape. So, armed with a brush with soft bristles and start brushing! You will see that you will easily remove all the dust and furry nests and give new splendor to your head. Do not forget to be gentle, although the bristles are soft the fabric must be treated lightly. Now that the 5 tips on how to have an always new jacket were served to you, do not forget the last recommendation: wheel often dress or jacket, so as not to wear the same. Jackets, in fact, tend to wear out at the points most exposed to contact, such as neck, elbows and sleeves. In addition, leave in the closet for at least a day allows the oxygenation of the tissue.

If you want to know more about jackets, find out how to choose the right jacket with our guide that you can find here!


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