How to wear a scarf: style tips

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The scarf is not just an accessory. Find out how to wear it according to the context and be impeccable.

The scarf, the most versatile accessory of the male wardrobe, is also the most underrated. The motivation is simple: it is not always seen as an integral part of the outfit, but often becomes the added accessory that is used in case of intense cold and autumn wind. But how can a scarf, from an additional element become indispensable within a look? The gentlemen know it, and with this guide we will tell you all the unmissable secrets to wear the man scarf in an elegant and distinctive way.

All ways to wear a scarf: the scarf knots combined with context

Wool, cashmere, with double turn, with ascot knot, silk, linen and cotton. The men’s scarf is part of the inevitable accessories that every man should have. There are various types, and each of these is able to adapt very well to the context of reference because, like a shirt, even the scarf is a way to express their style and personality. But what are the ways to wear the scarf to be copied immediately for the winter season? Here are all the tips on how to tie a scarf.

Simple ride for a stylish look

It’s the easiest way to wear a scarf. You get it by making a round around the neck, dropping the two parts at the front. It is particularly suitable for an elegant look. It provides that the two flaps that hang are hidden under the coat. But if you want to opt for a less formal look you can be left out.

Double turn for casual outfits

Like the simple round, this mode provides for two rounds around the neck, dropping the flaps on the front. It is the most suitable way to recreate a ring scarf with a scarf that is not circular. So if you’re wondering how to wear a ring scarf, just follow this advice.

Parisian scarf knot for a sophisticated look

It is the most loved knot and probably the most suitable for any context in which you want to look impeccable. It consists in folding the scarf in half lengthwise and, after passing it through the neck, thread the free end into the loop formed by the fold made previously. The effect will be very elegant, perfect for a sophisticated look and to express seriousness and composure in any context. Choose it if it’s a medium-long scarf.

Ascot knot for a formal look

Choosing to close your scarf with an ascot knot means recreating what is more like a tie. And it is no coincidence that when we wear a man’s scarf with the mind we go to the ties; both, in fact, stop with a knot. Knotting a scarf with an ascot knot provides some basic steps to do, but very simple and effective:

  • place the scarf behind the neck and drop the ends on the torso asymmetrically (it is a knot that comes from the world of ties, so this step will be very similar)
  • knot the two ends by passing the longer one over the shorter one
  • tighten the knot that comes to be created

With this mode of knot you will get a formal look and impact, the same that you have when wearing a men’s scarf with ascot knot. The scarf must be of medium length, to easily complete all the steps.

Drape mode for all occasions

It is the way to put the scarf more impactful, because it consists in placing the scarf behind the neck and dropping it on the front. The effect, if reproduced with a cashmere scarf for men, is assured.

Fake knot for casual clothing

Whether you call it a false knot or simply double crossing, this mode of wearing the scarf is very special and is perfect for a casual combination, when you want to pay attention to details without being too elegant. To make it is necessary a medium-length scarf, since it consists in wearing it asymmetrically and make a knot on only one of the flaps, in which then slip the other garment and recreate this very special and dynamic effect, which certainly will not go unnoticed.

Features of a high quality men’s scarf

Wearing an accessory means focusing on the details. To do this you need to make sure that what we want to focus on expresses quality. Choosing to wear a tailored scarf or pashmina means communicating your personality and your style. But what are the characteristics of a high quality scarf? Let’s look at them together:

  • the fabric: wool and cashmere for winter models, linen and cotton for summer ones;
  • the length: the scarves have a well defined length, fundamental to close them with the most suitable knot scarf;

These are the main features to evaluate, but remember that these also depend on the warmth that your scarf will be able to give. Did you know that the way to put the scarf does not only depend on the look you want to get but also on the warmth you want to get? Each knot will help you stay warm. You for this winter, which will you choose?


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