How to choose a men’s jacket: a guide to choice

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Fit, buttoning and attention to detail. Everything you need to know to choose the right jacket for men!

For a gentleman, every outfit can not be considered complete if it does not include the possibility of matching a jacket. Here are all the tips to choose a men’s jacket in an easy and winning way.
When choosing a jacket, the first thing to ask is what kind of event you will wear it for, or what clothes you will go to match it with. Choosing an elegant jacket or a sports jacket, in fact, affects the entire success of the outfit, because this is not a simple detail to add to the look, but the focal point that completes it and highlights it. And then, discover all the tips to choose the perfect men’s jacket for you.

Three tips not to be neglected in choosing the right jacket

Every man, when buying a jacket, usually wonders what the right model might be for him The jackets, in fact, may all look the same, but in reality they are not. They differ for several details that make them suitable for one physicist rather than another. Moreover, there are many models available and the choice becomes more and more difficult. We are not just talking about the one between an elegant jacket and a sports jacket, although for some it is difficult to distinguish and differentiate them. In this case, we are talking about the type of jacket that perfectly matches the style and body of the wearer. There are many details to take into account and that can make a jacket the most important and versatile garment of the wardrobe. So here are the three things you need to know at the time of purchase.

Buttoning: essential for the right fit

When buying a jacket there is one thing you must not neglect: the buttoning. It is essential to make the figure stand out and highlight the strengths. Choosing a double-breasted or single-breasted jacket, in fact, is not the same thing. Every physicist prefers a buttoning, and not taking into account this detail risks ruining an entire outfit. The double-breasted jackets include a double row of buttons, which tends to wrap the chest emphasizing chest and shoulders. It is the least versatile jacket model and the most difficult to wear. For this reason, opting for a simple single breasted scooter can be the easiest and right choice for those who do not like to dress in a more set way. In addition, the single-breasted jacket does not necessarily require an elegant underjacket, but lends itself to be worn with a simple shirt or a soft sweater in cashmere or even with a wool vest. The right buttoning is linked to the number of buttons on the jacket. Finamore jackets offer a three-button buttoning. This gives the garment a straight and composed fit. The rule is that the last button should not be closed. In this way you avoid the unsightly folds that you can create sitting or if you bring your hands to the pockets with savoir faire.

Fit: what makes a perfect jacket

Starting from the assumption that every outfit to enhance a body must have a well-defined fit and fit, for the jacket this feature is even more accentuated. To evaluate the fit of a jacket you must pay attention to these details: shoulders, chest, sleeves. The shoulders must be proportionate, since they have the power to make a garment appear not suitable for the wearer’s body. If we are talking about unlined jacket, the seam of the latter must be at the point of curvature of the shoulder towards the arm. The shoulders of the Neapolitan jacket, a classic tailoring art, are strapless, so as to give a soft and comfortable fit, which allows you to follow the line of the wearer of the garment, thus creating a very natural insellation. Here you can discover all the features of the Neapolitan tailored jacket. The sleeves of the jacket must have the right length, because a sleeve too long or too short breaks the harmony of an entire outfit. They must stop about an inch before the hem of the shirt cuff. The bust, finally, must be highlighted by the line of the jacket, and for this it is essential the buttoning, which must be chosen wisely. Finamore offers jackets with Drop 7, or with a slim fit. Remember that the fit is never to be neglected, especially if you are thinking of buying a winter jacket such as a velvet jacket, which otherwise would risk making you look bigger.

The rever: not just a detail

When you choose a jacket, or simply when you choose to wear one, you can not but emphasize the details that make this garment unique and that can become strengths on which to aim. The lapel of the jacket is one of these. When we talk about the lapel jacket, we typically talk about the lapel of the jacket. A Neapolitan jacket has a wide and light collar and ends with a spearhead. The classic 9 cm lapel collar is the right choice to enhance the entire outfit, as it adapts to different fit and to every body. This type of collar highlights any jacket, especially those of a more classic elegance, such as the tweed jacket, inevitable must have in the wardrobe of every man. So, when choosing a jacket with lapel, don’t forget this detail. Whether you’re a blazer jacket or a classic jacket, these tips can help you create a real gentleman look, enhancing your body and style!


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