How to match shirt and tie: the guide for gentlemen

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With our guide to match shirt and tie will be simple and winning.

Knowing how to match shirt and tie correctly is a matter of style and experience. Every gentleman knows that elegance does not admit mistakes and for this reason here is a practical and useful guide on matching shirt tie.

Perfect matching tie and shirt

Shirt and tie is the most famous combination in the world when it comes to clothing. Matching shirt and tie correctly guarantees the success of every look. Choosing to wear such an outfit means pointing to elegance in any context, being very professional and distinguished especially in the working environment. This combination, therefore, is not to be underestimated, indeed, exploiting it to the best helps us to have a style always impeccable and refined. To make the most of its stylistic strength, it is necessary to start from the choice of the shirt. Opting for a tailored shirt is definitely the winning choice, which guarantees a product of visible and palpable quality. Then you can think about the tie, and then pay attention to the fabric, the length, the shovel and its wearability.

Shirt and tie: the perfect match

The tie has always been the emblem of masculine elegance. It embellishes every look and gives charm and sophistication. Given its ancient and sartorial history, thinking even for a moment to wear it without paying attention to the look would be impossible. But what happens when the shirt to match the tie is not white but colorful or even fancy? The matching shirt and tie provides a balance made ad hoc, for which it is necessary to evaluate not only the colors of the shirt itself, but also the fantasy of the tie. This accessory, in fact, is famous to enrich a look and to shift the attention on itself, the wrong combination can compromise the entire success of the outfit. With our advice, making a perfect match will not be difficult and you will always be impeccable in any context you will find.

Matching tie shirt according to color

The matching shirt and tie has the power to make any look perfect. Certainly it is not easy to choose what kind of tie to wear when the shirt is not white. There are in fact some suggestions that you have to keep in mind when choosing and according to the color of the shirt you will wear:

  • Plain shirt and tie tone on tone- The monochrome is always of great effect. Wearing a tie of the color similar to that of the shirt creates a modern and minimal look. Since the fabrics will be different, it will create a pleasant chromaticism that will give a sparkling touch to the outfit.
  • Plain shirt and contrast tie- Wearing a tie on a plain shirt is certainly easier than wearing it on a patterned bottom. In such a context you can try to play with contrasts, without exceeding but creating a combination that gives personality to the entire look. Choose it if you like to attract attention and play with colors.
  • Shirt solid color and fancy tie- It is the matching shirt tie par excellence. With a solid background you can play a lot of fantasy, without fear of overdoing. Just worry about choosing colors matched to both the shirt itself and the pants jacket suit that you will wear.

Matching tie shirt according to the pattern

When we choose to match shirt and tie, to simplify the life we go straight to the classic: white shirt or solid color. But who said that you can not recreate a winning tie shirt matching even playing with fantasies? The suggestion, of course, is always to not exaggerate, risking to capitulate the entire look. Here are some combinations to keep in mind if you wear a striped shirt:

  • Striped shirt and knitted tie- It is one of the most modern combinations. The ties of woven fabric, of which you notice the braids and stitches, will never be equal to the fabric of the shirt, which makes this choice the most appropriate. Prefer them in the same color, because the fabric of the tie gives movement.
  • Striped shirt and plain tie- It’s the easiest combination. It doesn’t involve much study in the construction of the outfit. The only precaution is not to create a very high contrast, but to aim at complementary colors or even that reflect the stripes of the shirt.
  • Striped shirt and fancy tie- Definitely more eccentric and almost risky, this combination can be a winner in the right context but above all by evaluating the type of fantasy of the tie itself. You can’t go wrong if you match the mini polka dots to the wide stripes.

Matching shirt tie according to the occasion

Speech aside deserves the matching tie shirt when you have to prepare the outfit for a special occasion. In this case the gentleman will hardly dare combinations ever tried, but will rely on the taste for classic and tradition. The advice is to avoid eccentric patterns and bright colors if it is a more formal business event or an exclusive occasion. Then opt for all those combinations that make you feel safe and at ease. If it is an environment and an informal occasion you can aim at casual and wear knit ties and fancy shirts.

In conclusion, following these tips will make it easier to build your outfit and avoid the most trivial style falls. After all, we are talking about the binomial tie shirt, the basis for every winning look and the starting point not to go unnoticed.


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