Grenadine tie: the Giro inglese gauze tie

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Grenadine tie: a story as fascinating as the fabric of which it is composed.

Some types of ties know no equal, and they are part of the ancient and immutable history that regards this accessory. This is the case of the Grenadine tie, a type of tie that has very special origins and has never stopped being worn by gentlemen of all times. The tie is, in fact, a symbol of class and elegance, now absorbed by the daily dress code, it is easy to see it flaunted with multiple combinations and styles. But why among the types of ties existing a special mention concerns the Grenadine tie? And why should it never be missing in the wardrobe of a gentleman? Let’s find out together.

The Grenadine tie: the magic of Giro inglese gauze tie

We are talking about a tie with a great history, which has never surrendered before the passing of time nor in the face of the difficulties that have been put in front of it. Yeah, because this tie has a soul and it’s made of silk and weaving. The Grenadine tie is a silk gauze tie, born from the fantasy of an inventor named John Heathcoat, who built the first frame capable of producing gauze fabric. It was 1809, and immediately someone tried to destroy the dreams of this inventor by burning the frame, which was later rebuilt improving the technical and mechanical aspects. Since then the age of the tie in gauze began to exist, advancing with elegance and refinement, gradually invading all places and countries. But what does a silk gauze tie mean? The gauze is a fabric made with wooden frames, which provides that in addition to the weft and warp there is a third dimension, which goes to weave the threads. This step makes the newly created fabric very light and almost transparent, letting the light pass and becoming the trademark of the Grenadine tie.
The gauze that composes these accessories can be of two types:

  • Fine gauze- has a somewhat narrower structure, with a texture in which the braid of the threads is less noticeable. This closed structure makes it elegant and delicate;
  • Coarse gauze- has a wider structure, in which the braid is wider and is more noticeable even letting you glimpse the light, because the texture is thicker. It is less elegant but very particular. Gauze ties can be of various types, mostly silk (silk gauze), but also silk and wool and silk and cashmere. It all depends on your personal tastes and the way you intend to wear it. Speaking of which, let’s see together how to wear a gauze tie without making any mistakes.

How to wear a Grenadine tie

Let’s start from the assumption that if you decided to buy a tie like this means that you prefer sophistication and style and for this reason take note of our tips to show off winning outfits: the knot- you can’t wear an accessory like that without paying attention to the knot you’re going to do. Compared to classic silk, the English weave gauze is a bit thicker and less flowing. With a four in hand knot you will have an elegant and appropriate result; Take advantage of the right opportunity- Grenadine ties are typically more formal, as they have a very special and refined texture. You can wear it for all those events where elegance and sobriety are required, such as weddings and special occasions. Always remember, however, that it is up to you to decide when and how to wear it to give an edge to your looks and what you want to communicate. If you prefer to wear it for an informal occasion opt for a smart and casual look, combined with blazer or broken; correctly matches the colors- no one likes to see a tie of high quality matched badly, so do not think of putting it without paying attention to the rest of the outfit. Once taken note of these three main tips do not forget that this type of tie is part of the fashionable ties that defy time, becoming real evergreen. Also, when we talk about silk gauze ties we are also referring to the original British regimental ties, so elegance is the best way to honor this stylish accessory. Take a look here to find out why the tie is a real style detail.


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