Double twisted: the luxury shirt starts here

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Find out what double twist means and why Finamore 1925 chooses it for its most exclusive garments.

For a gentleman the shirt is a fundamental garment: it gives charm and style, completes every look and is suitable for every body. If you choose the right fabric and quality can become a real flagship item in the wardrobe! Yet, the shirts are not all the same and even if of high quality they differ in the characteristics that they possess and that make them more or less suitable in a given context or to a certain person. This is the case of high-quality shirts with double twisted cotton. A real luxury item to wear and with which Finamore 1925 creates its exclusive collection. But what does double twisted cotton mean and why are the shirts sewn in this way softer and finer? Let’s find out together.

Double twisted cotton: meaning and application

It is known that to create high quality shirts you need high quality fabrics. In fact, simple cotton is not enough, even yarn has its important part in choosing a useful fabric to create a garment, especially if it is shirts. Cotton is a vegetable fiber, which is processed and combed until it becomes pure and ready to use. This fabric is suitable to come into contact with the skin without causing irritation and sensitization of the area, and is very light and breathable, resistant to washing and ideal to dye. Cotton is characterized by the degree of shine of the fiber, the color, candid or less candid, the length of the fiber itself and the character (durable, soft, and so on). All these features make it more or less suitable for certain uses, and the value of each yarn depends on the workmanship. The most classic is the mono-twisted, which is a processing method that requires the wire to be twisted on itself to increase its resistance. The most exclusive is the double twisted, which requires the wire to be split in two and twisted on itself. This double phase of twisting makes it softer, more prone to ironing and brighter. A double twisted cotton will be indicated with a similar title: 80/2, or 80 to 2. In the case of Finamore 1925 the choice of the title is much higher, to ensure an even more luxurious final product. The double twisted cotton shirts of high finesse start from a 170/2 stock. The higher the title, the lighter and more precious the shirt.

Why prefer double twisted shirts to single twisted shirts

Choosing a double twisted cotton shirt with high title means opting for a high quality model, comfortable and impeccable. In addition, this type of shirt is more resistant, less prone to folds and at the same time soft and bright. If you want an exclusive quality product then there will be no doubt, since this will be the model to choose. A double twisted title can start from 80/2 and go up to 300/2, but a 120/2 or 170/2 guarantee a very high quality of the fabric. In comparison, the difference between the two types of yarn becomes clear: the mono-return is classic, while the double twisted is much more silky and refined.

Double twisted shirt 170/2 Finamore 1925

The exclusive selection of Finamore 1925 double twisted shirts with high title is created taking into account the characteristics of this fiber. It is a 170 Egyptian cotton title Giza 45 long and thin fiber. They are 86 threads and 40 plots per square centimeter, which lead to the birth of shirts of the highest quality, a real must to wear! The exclusive line also consists of even higher titles, which boast of 12 hand-made operations, which make the final product even more sought after. In addition, this fabric lends itself very well to realize micro drawings and patterns meticulous and selected. In addition, Egyptian cotton is the spearhead of this collection, thanks to which the yarns are more fine and precious, hypoallergenic and breathable. A real fine fabric that makes the shirts luxurious and embellishes the look of the wearer. In addition, such a title deserves a tie of high quality, and here you can find all the advice to properly wear a seven folds tie, emblem of Neapolitan tailoring.


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