Corduroy: discover how to wear it and how to match it

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Corduroy is one of the most popular fabrics of winter. Discover the proposals of Finamore outfits.

When temperatures start to drop, the weight of the clothes we wear increases proportionately. Or at least, that’s what you’ve been thinking so far. The truth is anything but this! The secret, in fact, is not the heaviness of a garment but its quality, and corduroy, although it is not really among the lightest winter garments, is definitely ideal to keep the body warm without having to resort to layers and layers of clothing. Talking about velvet does not necessarily mean thinking about a fabric that is double, thick and medium rigid, just as it is not true that we refer only to pants and jackets. Finamore, in fact, has well thought to impress with its proposals of velvet shirts! Discover the features of the Finamore velvet shirt and all the style proposals to create winning looks!

What is corduroy and how to wear it

Velvet is a very compact fabric in cotton, worked to have a surface of thick satin hair, and the corduroy is nothing else than a variant of the velvet itself, which consists of small ribs that also give it the name of corduroy ribbed. The coasts of this velvet vary depending on the use and appearance you want to give to the garment. In this regard, velvet can be wide-ribbed, medium or narrow, 500 rows, 1000 rows, or as in the case of Finamore at 125, 400 and 3000 rows.
Velvet, also called Corduroy, was definitely one of the trends of the past, especially if you think back to the jackets proposed in autumn colors with patches on the elbows or trousers with wide ribs of the past that, however, have never really gone out of fashion. But how to wear this fabric enhancing it and making it suitable for a fine and elegant look? Here are some ideas!

Better if as a detail that gives style

If you are fond of warm and soft fabrics surely you can not do without a velvet garment for the autumn winter season. But be careful not to exaggerate! Velvet tends to weigh down the figure, so choose just one detail to complete your outfit. You’ll look elegant and composed. This rule applies especially to wide ribs, but even in the case of narrow rows it is always better not to exaggerate. Always keep in mind the thickness of the material, and therefore that each type of velvet has a specific use or however mainly indicated for some garments rather than for others.

Perfect in autumn colors

Velvet is a very regal fabric, especially if chosen in shades of purple red or blue. If you prefer to wear it more casually then autumn colors are for you. Prefer shirts and Saharans, so you can wear them in a versatile way and you will not run the risk of weighing down the figure. Remember to break the outfit with pants of different fabrics. Velvet is a fairly casual fabric, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, but always keep in mind your style and use opportunities.

Match it to the right accessories

This fabric wears itself. This means that if you do not have to exaggerate with the rest of the outfit you should not exaggerate even in the choice of accessories, because you would weigh down a look that must necessarily remain light. Therefore, use the informality of velvet to prefer the clutch to the tie or a scarf with ad hoc contrasts. The leather belt is an evergreen that also in this case completes and highlights the outfit.

The corduroy according to Finamore: the Over men’s shirt 

Velvet shirt and tailoring for someone might not be a winning combination, but not for Finamore, who has enriched his collection of shirts with versatile and quality velvet garments. The velvet shirt is one of the inevitable must-have in the wardrobe of every gentleman. It is easy to wear and combines with the most varied looks, gives a casual but well-groomed look and keeps the body warm even during the coldest days. Finamore has interpreted it with an over fit and a pleat on the back, which contribute to give this casual and sporty look. The square wrist of this men’s velvet shirt goes very well with the woven sport collar, and to complete the whole there are two front pockets with flap. It should be worn as a blouson over a crew-neck t-shirt and with more sporty pants, or as a shirt jacket to protect from the early autumn cold. It is a trend that from the past returns to ride the fashion catwalks, breaking all the rules and proposing itself as the ideal fabric for any occasion or almost. Imagining the corduroy adapted to Neapolitan haute couture is certainly difficult but not impossible, and the proposals Finamore perfectly demonstrate it. All the values of this Neapolitan maison, which make unique the garments of its production, are also transferred to this fabric, which is treated and transformed in the same way as a high quality cotton or cashmere. That’s why choosing the men’s corduroy shirt Finamore you can not fall in love with the details that make this garment perfect.

Corduroy is one of the warmest types of winter fabrics. With our tips, now, you are ready to enhance it and to enhance all your outfits!


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