Men’s accessories: the details that make the difference

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No outfit can be considered complete if not combined with the right accessories.

To create the right outfit you need the right accessories, and this a gentleman knows. Every look, in fact, cannot be considered complete if it is not combined with suitable accessories, which embellish it while giving it a touch of uniqueness. Men’s accessories, in fact, should never be missing in the male wardrobe, because they are fundamental to transform any look and to express your personal style. They are the right channel to highlight your personality. So if you’re wondering what accessories a man needs, you’re in the right place. With this guide you will understand what are the accessories for men not to be missed to be impeccable in every occasion!

Men’s Accessories Finamore 1925: History of Detail and Elegance

Finding the right accessories to express your style can be complicated, especially when you do not have clear what are the accessories for men that can not miss to complete an outfit. In response to your doubts comes the sartorial style Finamore 1925, always a reference point for masculine elegance. Refined fabrics, essential lines, attention to detail: this makes the male accessories for the elegant man no longer additional elements, but the focal point of every outfit. Focusing attention on the latter means highlighting its quality and style. Here are the clothing accessories that you can not miss in your wardrobe.


When we talk about clothing accessories, we immediately refer to ties. Essential elements to complete an outfit, ties are one of the main ways to express your style and be impeccable in every context. Ties are a real sartorial jewel. The trick is to choose a quality one among the many types of ties available. It is essential to wear one suitable for your person, taking into account the width of the blade and the length. This accessory, in fact, not only manages to transform an entire look, but also to highlight its strengths. Choosing the most suitable model for itself and especially more suitable for the context and dress, is the first step to be impeccable.

Pocket square

Useful to complete a look, essential to acquire charm and sophistication. The handkerchief is essential to embellish an outfit. It is part of the men’s accessories to have, and that can not miss in your wardrobe. It represents the elegance in pocket format since it is a small square of fabric to insert into the pocket of the jacket. It does not need to be worn with the tie in combination, so it is also perfect to create a look less set but effect. The secret is to choose a fancy fabric that can be combined with various colors, so as to wear it with different styles and in different contexts.


Thinking about the accessories for the elegant man, means having an all-round vision, which allows you to go beyond what is obvious and trivial. Opting for a tailored document holder, made with high quality fabrics, is the right choice to express your style and professionalism. It is a matter of focusing on a unique and uncommon detail, which highlights the desire to stand out. Especially useful in more formal contexts, where you want to look impeccable and not go unnoticed.

Scarves and pashmine

Among the accessories for the elegant man can not miss scarves and pashmine. They give charm to every look and are perfect in every context. Choosing the right fabric is essential to match them correctly. In this way, even in summer a linen pashmina can complete a look and immediately give a casual-chic air. Opt for high quality fabrics. In winter silk and wool or silk and cashmere make your scarf elegant and refined.

Clothing accessories: choose the Made in Italy

Choosing to implement your own look with men’s accessories also means wanting to show your own style through the details. In this regard, opt for made in Italy and high quality. Made in Italy tailoring is famous all over the world, and showing it off from the details is the winning choice to show a classy outfit. Ties, scarves, briefcases and pocket handkerchiefs have a long history of evolution. Deciding to wear them is part of that story. A quality accessory is seen and gives uniqueness to all clothing, since it is made with care and skill. In conclusion, wearing the right accessories to complete your look means highlighting the details, those details that embellish any outfit and that capture the attention. Focus on accessories and show off your style.


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