Men's dressing gowns

The dressing gown is an item of clothing with oriental origins, used as a symbol of elegance among the comforts of the home to be comfortable without sacrificing style. Today the dressing gown continues to be a must have, perfect to be worn over pajamas to cover from the cold. According to the rules of fashion, men’s robe must reach the knee or even the feet, it can not be shorter; it is made of many fabrics, but at Finamore we offer only those of the highest quality to live with elegance the comfort of your home. Available in many colors and patterns, the men’s dressing gown is suitable for all tastes and preferences. Our proposal of dressing gowns tries to meet every need to ensure fit and comfort. In addition, Finamore garments are made through exclusive techniques of Neapolitan tailors who propose a manufacturing all Made in Italy that allows you to bring in your wardrobe a piece of haute couture.

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