Men's boxer

Men’s boxers are the best choice for those who want to be sure they are wearing comfortable underwear. The men’s underwear by Finamore are made exclusively of cotton because cotton is a fabric highly breathable and delicate on the skin that in intimate areas is much more sensitive. Moreover, cotton is not an excessively thick fabric and therefore does not cause unsightly volumes under the > pants. The boxers also have a comfortable closure consisting of two buttons to promote grip and stability. The proposal boasts a wide choice of colors and patterns and each model is available in several sizes. For the choice of boxers there are no rules, you are free to play with colors and patterns. In any case, choosing a boxer Finamore, you will have the honor of wearing underwear of haute couture handmade with traditional and manual workmanship. The craftsmanship is taken care of in all aspects to ensure a flawless look both inside and out.