Beach towels

For your days at the beach, choose the right accessories to take with you. The beach towel is an indispensable ally for trips to the sea and, to date, do not only play a functional role but also aesthetic. Sea towels are used to wrap you up after a nice bath and allow you to lie on the sand without getting dirty. For some time, however, they have become the real protagonists of the bathing world. Having a fashionable beach towel does not make you go unnoticed, especially if the beach towel in question is signed Finamore. Our proposal of beach towels allows you to have a quality accessory with a cut and design all Made in Italy. With the variety of colors and patterns you can also match the towel to your costume, to be impeccable even on the beach. Buy a Finamore beach towel and bring the quality of Italian tailoring to your home.