Men's foulard

The foulard has become one of the accessories of men’s wardrobe. Men’s foulard can be worn in any season, both to take shelter from the cold and to give a touch of style to your outfit. There is no right way to wear them, there are several ways that change according to the type of folds. Men’s foulards can be perfect both for the day and for the evening, you can wear them in many ways: at the neck, which is the most classic way; tied to the wrist, to create a sort of bracelet; as pocket handkerchief; as a band around a hat, to customize the headgear. The patterns and colors allow you to play with the looks to propose always new and fashionable outfits. Discover all the scarves for men from the collection of Finamore with the proposal of high quality accessories with a design all Made in Italy.