Plain shirts

Solid shirts are an essential item of clothing for a man and are very practical and versatile as they perfectly fit both a formal and informal style. It is a timeless model, a classic of men’s clothing. The white shirt, for example, is one of the most worn and allows you to create many different styles depending on the occasion; even the light blue shirt is a must have because its shade allows you to match it in many ways. The solid color shirt is a simple solution with which you can never go wrong, perfect to be worn under a tailored jacket. Today the solid color shirts are made in multiple shades of color to meet the needs of all and allow you to create new looks without ever being discounted. The men’s solid color shirts are also produced in different types of fabric that take into account the various seasonality. Do not miss the opportunity to wear a Finamore shirt and show off a garment with the quality of Made in Italy.