Print shirts

The flower shirts are one of the most popular and appreciated models of men’s shirts. The eccentric fantasy has conquered the closets of many men who wear them to give a touch of originality and freshness to their outfits. The flower shirts are ideal for the spring and summer season, are cheerful, colorful, and best express the mood of these two seasons. Patterns can vary in size: both small, very detailed flowers; and larger and showy flowers. The flower shirt is very charismatic and matching it can be a problem but, contrary to what you think, it can be used for both formal and informal occasions: If you want to be more elegant then the best choice is to wear a flowered shirt with a chino pants; if you are looking for a look to show off in everyday life, then you can wear it with a pair of jeans or linen pants. The flowered shirts by Finamore are handmade with traditional manufacture and represent a perfect choice for those who want to bring in their wardrobe a piece of haute couture.