Plaid shirts

Men’s plaid shirts are one of those garments that many of us have in our closet. Wearing a plaid shirt means choosing informality: the checkerboard pattern gives a more relaxed look. The fashion of plaid shirts originates from the mountains and outdoor work, but the latest trends in fashion have made it an icon of style. The size of the squares is changing: larger suqares are more commonly worn by young people, while smaller squares with thinner contours are also adapted to a more adult band. There are also various fabrics such as flannel, purely winter, or we have checked cotton shirts, versatile and suitable for all seasons. Men’s plaid shirts are not easy to match, but with the right advice you can make them more elegant by combining them with ties that must be strictly plain. A shirt for many styles, the important thing is to choose it always quality as only we at Finamore know how to do.