Striped shirts

The striped shirt is recognized for its timeless elegance, suitable for formal and informal styles, perfect with or without a jacket, it is a fantasy that you can not do without. The width of the lines helps us to define the adequacy to a given event. For men’s striped shirt to be considered classic, it must have, for example, the thin lines of a single color on a white background; the shades of the stripes should preferably be in shades of blue or anthracite. As you can see, the lines are the master: the vertical lines, in general, are a simple and clean pattern that streamlines the figure, while the shirts with horizontal stripes or thicker rows are more suitable for attending informal events or for leisure. In short, with a striped shirt is never wrong! We at Finamore know this well, and for this reason we want to offer you a wide choice of men’s striped shirts, offering you the best fabrics and the best manufacture.